Roller blinds (also known as Holland Blinds) are available as a single or double system. They can be installed to the architrave or ceiling so once they are rolled up you have full view through the window.

Double roller blinds allow you to have two different materials. This allows you to have privacy with the sheer blind, or complete block out to help darken rooms. They are very versatile as they can be used throughout all residential and commercial premises, supplying great heat and glare control.

They are one of the neatest looking blinds an one of the easiest to clean. There is a colour selection that is perfectly matched to the popular Dulux paint colours such as Hog Bristle, Leroy and Mocha Magic found in many homes.

We have a premium range of Australian Made and Owned fabrics with up to 5 years warranty. Roller blinds can include battery operated motorised systems, to open at the press of a button.



Vertical Blinds control heat and light in a sleek, modern design, which incorporates a standard 40mm track. Wand control can be used or they can be controlled through conventional cords or chains to allow simple operation. Chainless weights can be added to help avoid tangles with the bottom chains.

Vertical Blinds are available in block-out fabrics. Our Blockout vertical blind range comes in 100% polyester with Acrylic coating. They are mould, dust and mildew resistant and comply with Building Codes of Australia requirements, most of our range are also flame retardant (AS 1530.3). Surface dust can easily be removed with a duster or soft cloth. Majority of our Blockout fabrics are matt finishes but we also have a small range of metallic finishes.

We have a premium range of Australian Made and Owned fabrics with up to 5 years warranty.



Aluminium Venetian blinds are great for spanning large windows and are very lightweight. They allow you to control light and privacy levels with easily adjustable controls. These blinds provide excellent ventilation, light control and heat control. They are able to be mounted on face or on the reveal to suit your needs. These blinds are one of the most popular kinds of blinds in Australia.

Timber Style Venetian blinds allow you to open and close the blades to any position, giving you perfect control over light and privacy. They are very durable and provide a very modern, stylish look. They are among the most popular kinds of blinds as they aren't likely to fade and crack like some other style of blinds. Timber Venetians are great to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Panel Blinds.JPG


Panel blinds are a versatile, clean cut and contemporary look. Stack back the panels to enjoy your view or simply glide them across to attain total privacy. Most commonly used over glass sliding doors or large glassed in window areas, they can also be used for odd applications such as room dividers.

They are available in 3, 4 or 5 channel tracks which allows you to have multiple panels. Panel blinds are easy to operate and are no hassle to have in your home. They are wand operated and can be stacked to either left, right or both. They are completely child safe as they don't have any cords hanging down like some other styles of blinds, this also makes them free from tangles.



Roman blinds provide a very contemporary look and come in a large range of fabrics. We offer a choice of aluminium or timber battens so you can obtain the right look that suits your needs.

Roman blinds allow you the choice of the traditional corded system or you can choose the continuous "chain drive" system. They can be tailored to suit any décor and are easily accessorised with stunning braid or trimming.